Monday, 28 May 2018

it was time

 To stand in the shadows and look in. Watching the reaction. Watching the obvious nervousness in the fumble of his hands. She was quite determined to enjoy herself, that desire to observe before there would be any sort of interaction between them.
She asked him to look her way, knowing the light would cast a perfect shadow of the outline of her nakedness. 
Nothing more was required. 
It was enough, suggestive, alluring, expressive and a lot left to his imagination.
Her like of soft light had him shrouded in a hazy hue from the lamp on the side table. Everything around them was rich and vibrant... warm colour. The ambiance perfect, allowing oneself to believe nothing else existed except that moment in time.
She had said he had to leave it all behind, if he wished to experience a healing seduction of an erratic, challenged and busy mind. 
She said it would be all about touch, taste...smell...the focus would be to know to relax within ones self and welcome  the pleasure that would not only be erotically sensual but, a perfect release of built up tensions plaguing every part of his body and mind.
And, when totally naked, she stepped toward him, bidding him to close his eyes and placed a blindfold...'This is to make you allow me to guide u without the possibility of looking. This is to give me your trust,no matter your uncertainty.'
His eyesight taken away gave it a dimension different, more intense, seeking all his senses to come into play and guide him as he stood at the mercy of her direction. 
He was struggling to remember where he had been standing and from which side she had approached him, feeling a little unnerved.
'Don't worry,' she said. 
A whisper from behind him, feeling her hands travelling the length of his back, coming to rest on his hips, and then the gentle press of her length against him.
' I am here.'
That small action not only exploded in his head a feeling so erotic but, had him realise everything beyond the doors of her little space, at that moment, was another reality he had come to run away from.
He let go and focused on the welling of intense pleasure in the pit of his tummy and deep within his groin and penis.

It was time to surrender.


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