Monday, 28 May 2018

an awakening

 the sweet taste of expectation, an awakening cupped 
for the throb of wanton lust aches hard and needy.
a breath held as the mind 'woozes' from lack of oxygen yet,
in its lightheaded flight knows the truth of pleasures erotic.
there be no other desire than to feel the pulsating pang of wishes intimate,
the desire of a tender touch...a touch that knows to find
and caress...
it kisses with fingertips searching, gently locating and targeting...
a whimper does escape as a gush of bliss softens any resistance.
a blend of reserved passion,
when crests high no longer can be climbed
and demand...!... release.

a nectar dripping with honeyed sweetness of satiation...RB.

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