Saturday, 26 May 2018

believe...let go

(the piece of music that played as my mind found refuge in its beauty...and...thus...the piece below) play it while u will give u a glimpse into my imagination...with sound.

 she had set his mind free, 

taking it down a path of slow discovery, 

the courage to believe and entrust himself to her coaxing.

asking him to undress in front of her, allow her to watch and step in to assist with discarding his garments that seemed to be a safe haven from her eyes. 

feeling his hesitancy she drew him in... close... and whispered... how wonderfully appealing he his desire to let go took her breath away, making the pulsating need to show him who he was, throb more urgent.

and once totally naked, 

in his glory she pushed him down on the bed

...running her hands up his legs...crawling between their spread...and then, bent her head and began to run her parted mouth , from his left foot up his leg...the sensation of her warm breath burnt and singed his core where he felt so ravenously hungry , that need to admit and embrace the depth of all things burning sensual and erotic within him.

the softness of her mouth as it found its way in the crease of his leg and buttock, 

the gentle bite into his flesh, 

a flick of a tongue across his scrotum

...his hard shaft firm in her hands...

she lifted her head....



a serenity of passion and sexiness...he felt himself throb and throb and throb...expanding in her grip

...her touch welcomed him into her spirit, that of a woman who knew her man, 

 as she looked deep into his eyes

...he drowned...

he welcomed her into his soul...RB.

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  1. Hi...How do you get such ideas? Do you write all of that?


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