Tuesday, 15 May 2018

hear me

 why would u cheat yourself of living?
why would u restrict your thoughts, at all times keeping within the boundaries of the rat race?
is it not enough that the economic demand at home guts your peace?
concern festers and destabilises the equilibrium so required for a healthy state of mind...?

hear me...

allow that mind, that imagination to roam,
allow your desires and dreams your numbness to comb,
to optimise...
a new set of rules
when work be said and done, then it pulls,
toward a depth within
to discard your worries, daily responsibilities bin.
for, the night does approach
be free of shackles and your desires coach,
like water out of a stone broach.
and breath
the realities of tomorrow... will wake with the rising sun
but, know how to have fun
for there is always time
to let your imagination take over and shine,
allowing it to find a way into reality 
to share with your love rewarding sensuality.
the day tomorrow
will know your brow once again to furrow
thus, no hurry... the night why not to enjoy
and all erotic indulgences deploy



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