Wednesday, 16 May 2018

the conundrum of a society confused

What is it that makes one careful and turn ones back and ignore so-called choices considered questionable and taboo by society as a whole? 
The foundation set by the majority who work themselves into a stupor trying to keep up with the Jones in possession, appearance and behaviour...yet, always falling short, for the foundation keeps on shifting reaching a stage of total confusion...a farce a lie a deception scared to be any different or true to self?
Could it be possible that being true to self is so devastating and derogatory that it would know to crumble break and destroy the very fibre of the unity of a home? Is the unity of a home based on deep sacrifices where the self knows not or cannot embark on a journey seeking contentment of a personal sort? Would it be considered selfish, uncaring of another?

It is strange that contentment and happiness and success is measured and based not in singular form but, in parties of two or more....the principle that no person was born to be alone. 
If that should hold true, does that mean that the natural progression of change in a humans life is boxed and bound eternal, having to adhere and stay loyal and faithful to a system that no longer works...leading to frustrations, fights, breakdowns...the very fibre of goodness , that which society hypocritically advertises, becoming nothing more than a tortuous existence leading to so called deviant and unacceptable behaviour.
The fear of self and being held accountable...the need to adhere to a social order, feel part of a what price..?...the price of self sacrifice the better of two evils for it holds the 'whole' complete and able to function, keeping the cogs of a new world order churning?
A principle that does not hold dear to a mind that seeks a truth evasive...a truth that is non-existent...?..the conundrum humans were born order to survive, it seems we have to destroy the good, over and over...trying to learn that perfect formula of happiness, contentment and progression of the most unselfish kind.
Could that ever be...for the minute there is more than one to consider, so begins the sacrifice of one or more persons desires, happiness and is our reality, it is our fate it is just how things that true...???...RB

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