Saturday, 26 May 2018

if i could...i would
(another piece to listen to and read thoughts on wing...inspired by the notes...)

if i could i would...
if i could.
i would make u mine
i would steal your every thought and envelope them in thoughts of mine
you would ride on the crests of eternal possibilities
u would know to see all that is
through eyes
optimistic with passion for all
things sensual and alive.

if i could.
if i could i would introduce u to a world hidden,
a gift to those who know to capture it in the most silent of moments
to recognise it on the face of a loved one
to smell its bewitching scent 
hallucinations of another truth
a truth born to life when a mother gives birth.

if i could.
if i could i would kiss u till u stop breathing
my breath i would give u to live eternal
a life rich making love...allowing mind, body and soul
to marry in a union complete.

if i could.
if i could i would not only teach u to hear a laugh
i would teach u to live the laugh
a joyous sound when love knows to conquer all uncertainties as our bodies melt into one.

if i could
if i could i would make u mine.


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