Wednesday, 9 May 2018


 conventional...?...according to who or what..?
let's give it a shot 
and see...what we've got.

whose conventional should i apply
whose conventional dare i defy
for, what conventional may be for u
for me, may not hold true.

unconventional to others i may seem
too liberal in thought and action they deem
the freedom to express and simply be
allowing  a space uninhibited, honest and free.

when the self cares to be free of social shackles
unrestricted, curious and questionable dogma tackles
then, begins the questioning of sensibilities curious
thus, labelled unconventional making many furious.

yet, i have found those labelled unconventional
to be of character sincere and delectably exceptional,
in their desire to share plentiful
and thus my kind of people...cerebral and fantastical.

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