Thursday, 31 May 2018

how do u read?

do read the words and read them true,
give them the meaning that is due,
don't try and change what be written,
by personal interpretation, suiting, being smitten.

by making another's writing, yours,  personal and different,
the text of the author becomes ambivalent,
and lost be the true meaning of word, the trend,
thus, missing the beauty and honesty penned.

if lustful and wanton and desirous the text,
being prudish and judgemental putting ones thoughts to test,
missing the truth of feelings quite natural
shying away and pointing fingers habitual.

then, comes the part confessions expressed,
deceptions , lies and truths addressed,
the courage to look in the mirror and see
words read, the reason their impact , what could it be?

if joyous and happy and light be the tone,
no matter ones life or space, no desire to moan,
why then find the words heavy and monotonous,
irritating , a reminder that one has forgotten what it means to be an optimist?

if sad the sharing in heartbreak, the read,
every word in sorrow does bleed,
to grunt and scoff, at the words to sneer
finding such an exposure stupid and queer?

the penned word ,most powerful and telling it be,
allowing others to face fears ,new truths to see,
an open mind a spirit does mature,
a  sense of balance and understanding will know to procure .


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